How to Get 100 Leads A Day

The life-line to any business is leads. Period. If you are not getting your offers in front of a lot of people on a consistent basis, you are not going to get very far... and that's where we come to the rescue. We will give you 100 leads every single day to promote your business to.

I've been using this wonderful little mailer to send pre-written messages to 100 leads a day. This is not an autoresponder, but instead it's a mailer. All you have to do is select all your leads, choose a pre-written message, and click send. This takes only a few seconds a day to get your offers in front of your leads. At the end of your first month, you will have accumulated 3,000 leads that you can mail every single day.

For those of you who already have an autoresponder, you can download all your leads, and import them to your autoresponder. These are your leads that you can contact any time you want, and you can promote any offer you want.

So HOW do you get
more leads?

Get 200 Leads a Day

If you refer just 1 person, you will receive an extra 100 leads as a bonus. So instead of 3,000 leads a month, you will start receiving 6,000 leads a month. What will this do for your business?

When you join my team, I will share with you a referral website you can send to all your leads. The website will include the same video that you see here, that will do all the explaining for you.

I will also direct you to our private facebook group where you can received training to help you get your first referral. We want everyone on our team to get those bonus leads as quickly as possible. There are 14 units of training to go through in our group. If you are ready to finally start making some real money online, click the link below to get started.

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