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What brought my attention to this opportunity is that newbies were getting paid like crazy. The days of them struggling to make a commission check seem to be over and as I took a closer look, I began to see why they were having so much success.

Newbies on Fire vs Easy 1 Up

The first thing I noticed right off the bat is how similar Newbies on Fire was to Easy 1 Up. However, Newbies takes the lead due to the following reasons:

1. Register for Free
Newbies on Fire allows people to register for a free membership to get access to the system. Easy 1 Up does not. This is the main reason for the success of a lot of newbies, because free memberships are very easy to obtain and gets them closer to a sale.

2. Earn Commissions on ALL Sales
This one had me floored. With Newbies on Fire, you earn commissions on every sale you make, including the packages you did not buy. For example, if you bought the Starter course for $25, and you sold the Elite course for $500, you will be paid $25, and the remaining $475 will roll up to your sponsor.

With Easy 1 Up, you only earn commissions for the packages you own. So if you bought the $25 course and sold the $500 course, your commissions would be zero. This means you can only earn a commission when you make a $25 sale. And this is why people are flocking to Newbies on Fire.

The Best Toolkit For Marketers

Having your own products to sell is the best way to make money online because you earn 100% of the commissions. Our training courses will teach you how to make money online by generating tons of traffic, so go ahead and click the button today to get your free membership.

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